Friday, November 5, 2010

What a Waste!!!

So, I finally convinced Perry that we were going to start buying raw milk. Well, not really because he only agreed to this if I promised not to give it to the kids in anything that hasn't been cooked. This I find really funny considering he grew up on a dairy farm and consumed raw milk every day of his life. Oh well, I agreed to this, for now.

First, let me say that beyond the health benefits of consuming raw milk, there really is a world of difference! Wednesday night I scooped the cream off of the top and put it in a separate container to use for making alfredo sauce and some other stuff. Holy cow (no pun intended) today I made scrambled eggs for lunch with fresh organic eggs and the raw cream. I was blown away by the taste! I am not the biggest fan of eggs but I eat them for protein and normally I have to drench them in cheese to get them down. I could not get over just the aroma that came from my pan as they were cooking, it was so sweet and buttery compared to when I make them with conventional milk. Then I took a little bite before I threw my shredded cheese over top and I could not believe it. These were the best tasting eggs, EVER!!!!!! I put the cheese right back into the fridge and ate my yummy eggs with just a dash of salt and pepper.

So that part of my day was great, now for the really sucky part.

First thing after I dropped Zola and Ajay off at school I rushed back to the house to start making yogurt from my "new" milk. I came down to the computer to see if there was anything different that I needed to be aware of. I have been making really yummy yogurt from my pasturized milk so I was sure that I wouldn't have a problem. The only difference that I read was that the raw yogurt may be a little runnier. Fine, no problem, I was probably just going to make half of it into yochee anyway so the runniness would be strained off.

Wrong!!! First of all my yogurt was not just runny, it was down right snotty and gross. I am not sure where I went wrong but I had chunks of yogurt floating around in LOTS of whey, yuck. So, I thought I could totally save this and strain it. Wrong again!!! After it had been straining over night I woke up to a gritty ball of nastiness that I am half afraid to eat.

It is hilarious that I feel almost as bad about throwing this milk out as I would throwing out my breastmilk. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me. I am dying to try raw yogurt and hoping to move on to raw kefir.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hey, it's all in the name of God.

I was seriously disturbed yesterday by something I witnessed on facebook and even more disturbed that I wasted 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back reading this crap. Someone posted a comment to start a "debate" when in fact there was no debate. I personally believe that someone was bored and was looking to stir things up a bit. The comments that were posted after were truly disgusting and it saddens me that people even took part in this. They were bashing each other and calling each other names, but apparently it was ok because it was all in the name of God.
Wow, this "Christian way" really amazes me. I can't wrap my head around how people think that their God is ok with them being so hateful towards people, judging them for their choices and having no forgiveness in their hearts. You know who you are, you are the people that speed around me on the street and then give me the finger because apparently I was holding you up from getting to your church group. By the way, nice "What Would Jesus Do?" bumper sticker!

I think I need to find this bumper sticker for my van.

It just really saddens me that people think that treating others like this is ok because they feel they are doing it for their God. This is one reason that I feel fine with my choice to raise my children outside of the church. We occasionally attend the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in town, but that is mainly because I feel that it is important to have a sense of community. My kids are great people that do not judge others or ever try to intentionally hurt people. They aren't like this because they fear God, they have turned out amazing because I strive to raise awesome human beings that respect all living things. I recently read the book "Good Without God" by Greg Epstein that really helped me to feel even more secure in my choices, it really is worth checking out.

I totally respect people for the faith that they have and wanting to pass that faith onto their children, my problem lies when people start to think that they are God and that they have the right to judge others who may be in a situation that they have no understanding of.

"Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offense, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end."