Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Corn, it is scary what they have done to you.

I am still trying to figure out why my husband bought these last week. I don't like them, the kids said they looked gross and Perry said he doesn't like them.
Would it be weird to put Corn Flakes on Freecycle?

Well, at least they stand true to their name! Milled Corn, Malt Flavoring (which can be derived from barley or corn and my guess is it is corn here), High Fructose Corn Syrup (corn) Also noticed that it says BHT has been added to the packaging. I had to google BHT and that is certainly an interesting read, YUCK!!!

I finally got around to seeing the film "Food, Inc." this week when they had it on PBS. I was already aware of how frightening things have become when it comes to meat, thus I do not eat it. But the entire corn issue really blew me away...

When they posted a list of all of the food additives that were once corn I was completely shocked! Call me crazy, but I had actually thought that when a list of ingredients said citric acid I thought that it came from a citrus fruit. Oh no, it comes from corn because that makes sense. Right?

So after being completely disgusted that even the vitamin E that is added to my food comes from corn I had to get on the computer and start reading. It is unbelievable the number of ways that they have discovered how to manipulate this grain into some seriously terrible stuff for our bodies. Even more unbelievable are the lists of non food things that are some how related to corn that you can check out HERE.

We have been avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup like the plague for a long time (OK minus this box of cereal, when I pointed it out to him after he brought it home he said "Really, they even put it in cereal?" I guess I need to do the shopping from now on.) but now I am on a new mission. I am going to the store with my list of corn additives and unless it should be in the food (ie corn or corn chips) I am passing on it. The scariest part of all of the corn products in our food is that you know it is not organic and is probably genetically modified to grow bigger and faster. UGH!!!!!

If you have yet to see the movie "Food, Inc." I highly recommend it, it will change the way you look at everything on your plate.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Organic for WIC Mamas!

Yes, since having Peylyn (our 4th baby) we have been bumped into the WIC and reduced lunch category. It is rare that I allow the kids to buy but if they ask to buy on a special day I allow it and if I only have to pay 40 cents for a not so great meal, so be it.

Anyway, I have to laugh because whenever I send Perry to get the food with the checks he comes back moning and whining about how rediculous it is that they will not allow you to purchase any organic food. Well, this evening we all went to the store and Perry had picked out organic cheese which was rejected when we got to the check out line. Ajay asked why we weren't allowed to get the organic cheese. I replied that if the government allowed us to get the organic cheese than they would be admitting that something was wrong with the other cheese. Yes, forgive me I was in a bad mood from the way the lady at the check out line was talking to us. I use the term "lady" loosely as she was a snotty teenager! Anyway, Ajay said "well it is better, right?" I said "yes, but the government doesn't want you to think that." To which my bright 5 year old said "Oh, so they think they know it all and we are stupid." Man, I love that child!!!

While yes, I do appreciate the help because some weeks we really need it. I don't see why they would object to a healthier choice. We are fortunate to have fairly descent insurance through Perry's work, but considering that a lot of people that are receiving WIC are probably also receiving some sort of government paid insurance I don't understand why they wouldn't want to offer up the healthiest choice of food. Don't they understand that by allowing women to purchase a higher quality food that they could be saving money when it comes to healthcare? Not to mention giving the money back to US farmers! No, they want to pay for the food that is lower quality, shipped from China and Argentina and spend more on healthcare.

Sadly, I know that most families don't look at WIC the way we do. We use our checks and receive a locally farmed rBGH free milk, cereal that is free of HFCS, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors, dried beans and juice so that we have the money to buy organic produce and meats.

I can't wait to walk into the office next month and return the checks for the jars of baby food and rice cereal. I will be proclaiming loudly in the office that my 6 month old is doing just fine on mommies milk and does not need anything that comes from a grocery store shelf!