Saturday, May 7, 2011

Magical Moments

There are those moments in a mothers life where you just realize how magical childhood is. Today I had that moment...

We were at a big playground surrounded by many children and off in the distance was a large hill. The children asked to go to the hill so we all headed over there. As the 3 older ones ran up the hill Peylyn and I sat at the bottom. She nursed while I watched them scramble up to the top. Zola and Ajay asked if they could roll down it. After I shouted yes they all got on their bellies and began to roll down colliding into one another. It was hilarious. Then Zola had the idea to roll up the hill, as they all tried to do this they just rolled in circles. Peylyn and I couldn't take it any longer so we ran up the hill to play with them and to take our turn at rolling down the hill.

Does a day get any better than that?

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