Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unfriend Button for Real Life

Yes, I know that all of this social networking has us all completely screwed up in our relationships, but did you ever wish that real life was a little more like your facebook life?

First of all I am a much braver person on facebook. I wish I had this set of balls when it came to dealing with people in real life. When someone posts something that I don't agree with I have no problem saying "Ya know what, that makes you seem like a real asshole." In thomasabook I just shrug and walk away.

Secondly, I have no problem cutting people out of my life that have wronged me on facebook yet I have people in my real life that I allow to walk all over me all the time.

Recently I came across a "note" that someone posted about a matter that is too stupid to even bring up. I think that since many people knew that we were no longer FB friends that the knife in my back would not be felt. People that knew my side chose to play both sides of the fence by commenting with shit like "hugs, I am so sorry this happened to you." Then there were the worst, people that knew absolutely nothing of the situation, but know both of us and said that "She knew that ----- had absolutely no fault in the situation." Wait, what????? Oh, so that is how a friend behaves when they think that you can't see!

So, being very hurt by this I did what any facebooker would do...I hit "unfriend."

What I really wanted to do was to drive over to her house, ring her bell and say "You know what, what you did to me was really crappy. You know nothing of the situation so how dare you!" At this point I would hand her a card that says "You Are Unfriended." No, instead I avoid her like the plague because I know that the thomasabook me will see her and just smile and shrug when she talks to me and then go home and cry about how she wronged me and then I will have to listen to my husband go on and on about how only men actually know how to have real friendships. I would never admit this, but sometimes I think he is right. When women get into a fight it can go on for months and even years. When men argue, they punch each other and move on. What gene are women lacking that we can't do the same?

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